Optimise your facilities with SISfm

SISfm was developed by IFM for the needs of tertiary education, health care, aged care and government organisations.

SISfm can provide your organisation:

  • Easy access to your organisation’s property, space portfolios and assets information via an intuitive user interface.
  • Consolidation of facility, personnel and asset information into a single information portal.
  • Streamline the allocation of spaces and optimise the utilisation of your facilities.

SISfm integrates with your business operations

SISfm is a web-based, graphic interface for space, asset and occupancy information to support the following core business operations:

SISfm integrates easily with other business systems and data sources.  The SISfm mapping engine amalgamates your geo-referenced data with CAD floorplans, site maps and three-dimensional space models.

The SISfm application is highly configurable and customizable to meet your specific requirements.

SISfm makes access to your information secure through Single Sign-On and LDAP user authentication, in addition to OAuth2 API authentication.